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  • blanket-fort would have nothing to say without the help of my incredible research assistants: Melody M., Iris Lai Costa, and Maya de Leon Gemora. They are brilliant, courageous, hilarious, patient and profound--their insights are priceless. My thanks to them, their families, and especially their mothers Elaine Gin Louie, Anna Costa, and Ruth de Leon for their time and participation. A great big thank you to Cynthia Tom, Kimi Taira, the staff and my fellow artists at the Asian American Women Artist Association. It has been a rare and wonderful experience to work with and learn from such an inspiring and supportive community. Thank you for including me. My gratitude to the incredibly committed and hard working staff of the SOMArts and Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Centers--salamat po. The place looks great. Eric Talbert, my love, and Roxie Longstocking, our cat, have patiently and cheerfully endured the largest and most pervasive creative mess I have ever made in a one-bedroom apartment. Thank you for exploring this possibility with me.